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Making Your Commercial Roof Energy Efficient

Written by DAVID TERRELL on . Posted in Commercial Roofing, Roofing Information Blog

Terrells Roofing OKCThe energy crisis of the 1970’s drove the roofing industry to create new products to meet revised efficiency guidelines.  It was this period of innovation that saw the invention of modified bitumen roofing alternatives.  We are seeing a similar trend now.  Roofing manufacturers, power companies, government agencies, and environmental organizations are collaborating on new ways to conserve energy.

Perhaps the most creative of these are vegetative roofing and photovoltaic technologies.  However, without government intervention by way of incentives, these are not likely to see a large market share for at least a decade. We are seeing some municipalities pushing for vegetative systems since they are energy efficient as well as reduce water runoff to sewer systems.  For the most part, these will still remain “on the edge” technologies.  Far more likely to see rapid adoption are cool roofing technologies.

Watch Your Flashing!

Written by DAVID TERRELL on . Posted in Commercial Roofing

Terrells Roofing OKCMost of the time when I’m talking with architects on new projects or property managers on reroof jobs, the conversation is about the best roof surface for the particular job.  While that is important, I want to suggest that almost as important is the flashing that is done to finish the job off.  Here’s why. All buildings settle.  Over time that settling will be more in some parts than in others.  This will cause cracking in the buildings foundation, which affects the roof envelope.  Any interruption in the roof field that is not properly flashed may open the building up to leaks.  To protect our customer’s roofing investment, we properly install flashings in each of these critical areas: