How to Spot a Roofing Storm Chaser

Written by DAVID TERRELL on . Posted in Residential Roofing, Roofing Information Blog

How to spot a roofing storm chaser- Terrell's Roofing

The “roofing storm chaser” is one of the best known roofing scams known today. These roofers travel around the country following the paths of storms and look for homeowners in need of urgent roof repair.  In spite of how well publicized this strategy is, each year many people still fall victim.

Here is how to spot a roofing storm chaser:

Storm chasers pay close attention to the Weather Channel and look for specific areas that will be hit the hardest with high winds and hail. They travel to those locations and target neighborhoods that have been affected the most to offer their services, (most of the time offering a free inspection). If the storm hits a significant area, sometimes insurance companies become overwhelmed with claims and may allow for roof replacements without a full inspection by an adjuster.This creates the perfect situation for the chasers to capitalize on the urgency of the matter and offer inspections and repairs very quickly.   The homeowner is left with a “new” roof that is poorly installed and typically incomplete. The roofing company that was so eager to help is nowhere to be found.  Their work is generally good for just five to seven years, and then requires another replacement. This time without financial help from the insurance company.

Licenses and insurance:

Another issue with storm chasing roofers is that they almost never have a license to work in the area, and rarely hold insurance.  If they have an accident, the homeowner could find themselves in litigation with this unlicensed and uninsured contractor.

Tips from Terrell’s Roofing:

The best way to avoid the storm chaser scam is to do your own research by doing simple online research and local listing. You may also notice these little red flags:
  • Ask for a current workman’s compensation and liability insurance
  • Check the roofers license plate
  • You may also call the local building department.
  • Check the address of the company, look for a local address and not just a PO Box number.
  • Ask for local references.
Hopefully these tips will help you make the best decision with your roofing contractor selection this storm season. Terrell’s roofing is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has over 40 years of service. Call us today for your roofing needs.